Our focus is on damage quantification in expropriation, business interruption insurance and litigation matters and royalty audits


Our Role in Business Valuations

"How much is your business worth?"  Whatever the circumstance, determining a fair market value for a business can be a daunting task, as valuations are a combination of art and science. To further add to the confusion, there are numerous methods available to value a business, each with its own pros and cons.

A comprehensive valuation report requires an in-depth analysis of the historical business operations, its forecasted operations, its industry and its competitors. For this reason, we "cast a wide net" to analyze the different aspects of your business that may influence value.

Our Experience

We have acted as the expert valuator in a wide range of valuation files including:

  • Shareholder or Family Ownership Disputes;
  • Estate Freezes;
  • Purchase Price Allocations;
  • Commercial Litigation; and,
  • Expropriations.

Since not all of our clients require a comprehensive valuation report, we are able to tailor our reports to meet your needs. We can provide an estimate valuation report or a calculation valuation report to assist with:

  • Value provisions of a shareholder agreement;
  • Valuation report critiques; and,
  • Preliminary value indications.

In addition to the experience described above, we have presented on various valuation topics to the legal and corporate communities.

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