Our focus is on damage quantification in expropriation, business interruption insurance and litigation matters and royalty audits


Our Role assisting Lawyers in Commercial Litigation Matters

In a commercial litigation matter it is essential that financial experts be familiar with the rules of civil procedure, essential reporting requirements and be considered an expert in calculating damages and losses. Our team is composed of chartered accountants, many with their chartered business valuation designation, that have extensive experience in the quantification of losses incurred or damages due to business interruption, breach of contract, negligence, or other actions for both simple and complex litigation matters.

We have provided expert testimony in front of both the Ontario Superior Courts and various tribunals. In addition we have participated in mediations, arbitrations and assisted lawyers in preparation for Examination for Discovery, Pre-Trials and Trials, including cross-examination.

Our Experience

We have provided litigation support services to plaintiff and defence lawyers in a wide range of damage quantification, valuation and forensic accounting files. We have developed particular expertise in the following matters:

We have experience in a wide range of industries. In addition to our experience described above we have given numerous presentations and papers to the legal, municipal and corporate communities.

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